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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will launch an official dating app aimed at boosting Japan's dwindling birth rate which threatens the island nation with catastrophic population collapse.

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Last week, the Accor Stadium hosted the Matildas and the first State of Origin rugby leagues, filling the venue with diehard fans. Today, Optus revealed how much data their customers used on those days.

Aussies could save $100s a year on mobile and broadband plans by switching to another telco, according to financial comparison site Mozo.com.au.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT partnered with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to build the next generation of mobility aids for people who are blind or have low vision.

The BlackBasta ransomware group claims on the Dark Web it has breached major polymer additive and market-leading PVC stabiliser product company Akdeniz Chemson. The group claims to have stolen more than 500GB of financial and HR data and has given until 13 June 2024 for a ransom to be paid, or it will be released.

The ransomware group Akira alleges to have stolen projects, contracts, and other confidential information from Panasonic. The electronics giant confirms a cybersecurity event has taken place, but denies any data has been taken.

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